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KUNSTPAKHUSET / Lille Torv 5 / 7430 Ikast / Denmark
Phone: +45 23 11 10 19 / 

OPENING HOURS: Thursday to Sunday 12-16



The independent institution kunstpakhuset


The Independent Institution KUNSTPAKHUSET

KUNSTPAKHUSET is the name of a gallery and at the same time the name of the ginger group and independent institution behind the repair of the old railway warehouse in the city of Ikast, Denmark, 2005. 

Exhibitions and other activities are the responsibility of the exhibitioncomiteee and the curator of the gallery.

The Independent Institution KUNSTPAKHUSET was established in August 2005. Its purpose is to organize art exhibitions and other cultural activities of a high artistic quality in the Midwest region that may draw attention in Denmark and abroad and at the same time be a qualified addition to other regional art and cultural offers. The basis for such activities is the establishment, restoration, and decoration of the railway warehouse.

Members of the commitee, KUNSTPAKHUSET, (January 1st 2017)
Elin Juhl Nielsen
Søren Juhl Nielsen
Janne Markvorsen
Birgitte Damgaard
Arlette Larsen 
Anette Juhl Ternholt-Pedersen

Membership and support
Supporters of the ginger group and the gallery KUNSTPAKHUSET may sign up for a membership of The Members Club of KUNSTPAKHUSET; DKK 200 as a minimum for individuels and companies DKK 400.
Please pay your contribution into Handelsbanken in Ikast, Denmark: 7641 2028987

Director and curator of the gallery

Bente Jensen has a Masters Degree (MA) in Art History and is the daily director and curator of the gallery KUNSTPAKHUSET. She is responsible for KUNSTPAKHUSET's exhibitions, activities, and has the overall contact with the artists and the press. For enquiries concerning exhibitions, other activities, and cultural events, please contact Bente Jensen.

Other information:

BANK ACCOUNT:  Handelsbanken in Ikast:  7641 1014210

CVR no.:  29 11 00 77